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2016 gold medalist(s) in flag football.

If you are receiving this email you have been generous enough to help me raise money for the Special Olympics in the past. This is such a great organization and one that my son, Tyler, has benefited from in so many ways. Thank you for your past support and please read on.

I believe this will be my 4th “Polar Plunge” for Special Olympics. I try to do it every other year as I don’t like to hit up friends and family that often with requests for donations. I also hope that the lack of frequency of my requests helps to increase the impact I can have; in other words…dig deep because I won’t reach out again for another couple years.

I realize everyone has charities and organizations that they are passionate about in their lives, as do I. The Special Olympics is certainly near or at the top of my list. I have been able to watch Tyler achieve athletic success, learn to handle defeat, discover the meaning of ‘team’ and what it means to be a good teammate, and enjoy the very competitive and fun events. Without the Special Olympics, Tyler and many others may not have these opportunities.

As part of this event, I am able to direct a significant portion of the donations to particular Special Olympics programs. Two programs that Tyler participates with are Belmont SPORT (basketball and flag football) and LABBB Collaborative (track and field). I promise the money will be put to good use by these programs to ensure the athletes continue to enjoy many events in the future.

Finally, I would highlight that Special Olympics is almost entirely funded by individual and corporate donations, which makes these fundraising events and your support so important.

Thanks for reading this far and thank you for your support!

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